Grid for a built-in lamp in the style of "Hi-Tech"

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Exclusive Performance from !


 You no longer need boring fixtures that don't match your interior.

 We present a grid for a built-in lamp in the style of "Hi-Tech" from - a revolutionary product in the lighting market.

 The main advantage of the grille is its exclusive design.

 Each grid is completely made of metal, using a high-precision laser machine or manually.

 You can be sure that each copy has high quality, durability and reliability.

 Grid for a built-in lamp from it is also distinguished by its unique design.

 A Hi-Tech drawing will add a unique and modern look to your interior, and the method of fastening to the ceiling not only guarantees the strength of the structure, but also makes the installation of the grid quick and easy.

 Lighting plays an important role in our lives, especially in our homes. The "Hi-Tech" style says a lot about you and your interior.

 With a grid for a built-in lamp from you can create unique combinations of light and shadow.

 You will be able to create any atmosphere in your home that will help you relax, work or just enjoy everyday life.

 It is easy and fast to buy a grid for a built-in lamp in the style of "Hi-Tech" on our website.

 All production is located in Russia, which guarantees fast delivery and high quality products.

 We offer a wide selection of gratings for your needs and tastes.


Grid for a built-in lamp in the style of "Hi-Tech" from - this is a unique product on the market that will help you create a unique design in your home.

Choose quality, elegance and modern look with lamps from .




Advantage :


It is made entirely of metal by the method of laser cutting
Mounting method in the ceiling niche


 * Lamps are not included in the package !  Only an overhead decorative grille !


 * The finished product may not differ significantly because each item of the interior from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!




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