Interior painting "Floated" decor

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Interior painting "Floated a little" for the decor of the room

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 If you are looking for something special for your interior, then we can offer you a unique interior painting "A Little Floated".


 This picture shows a thin feminine edge, after which a girl can get excited, get wet and swim.


 The size of the painting is 80x100 cm and it is made in the technique of acrylic.

 This is an author's handmade work, which is exclusive.

 The painting "Floated a Little" will become an indispensable element of any modern interior.

 This painting will bring to your home not only beauty, but also the emotions that it evokes in the viewer.

 Every time you look at this picture, you will see something new and interesting.

 If you want to buy or order an interior painting "Floated", then you can do it now.

 Just click on the "Buy" button and we will deliver this beautiful painting.


 Choose a unique interior painting "A little Floated" and add a little emotion to your home!





Advantages :


An indispensable element of any modern interior
The painting is made in the technique of acrylic
Painting size 80*100
The handmade painting is exclusive



 * The finished product may not differ significantly because each piece of interior from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!




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