Robot Cyborg " T-800 "

do you want a new toy? order an exclusive robot sex machine

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***  Robot  Cyborg  " T-800 "


*** Photos of the Robot for example are taken from the archive of the famous studio “K...nk" **USA

** Not a friendly country  


Development and Production of Cyborg Self-Propelled Robot  "T-800 " with two integrated Cupcake Machines!


A Little History....

          The most scandalous studio for the production of adult films “King” was founded in 1997 in San Francisco in a former police building, by the Briton Peter Ekworth, who at that time was working as a graduate student in finance at Columbia University. Ekworth became interested in the adult film business,

         After reading an article in a British tabloid about a certain firefighter who, thanks to a graphic website, was able to earn 250 thousand pounds in a short period of time.

         Trying to repeat his success, Ekworth created his own website called ............ com.

        At first, Ekworth did not have the ability to produce its own products, so content licensed from other distributors was published and sold on the site, initially mainly for adults.

         The work on the project took a considerable amount of time for Eckworth, so Eckworth quit his scientific activity to work on his new project all day long.

         The project quickly became quite successful, bringing in several thousand dollars of income per day. The following year, 1998, Peter Ekworth moved from New York to San Francisco. In order to withstand competition from other adult sites, he began to produce his own content, first shooting in his own apartment, then hired the first employees. In 2000, Ekworth created another website,

          Soon after, he founded several additional projects, which in 2006 received the general corporate name “Kink".

          During the existence of the world's most famous adult studio in San Francisco from 1997 to 2006, the world's only Sex Machine Robot was invented, which for almost 10 years took part in the filming of adult films..


          After the closure of the studio back in 2006, nothing is known about the fate of the world's first Robot Sex Machine, because it existed in a Single Copy!




 OUR Time !    


          Since mid-2022, after several months of Discussions and Reflections, how can a new model of a Sex Machine Robot be implemented and implemented 
         Thereby becoming the world 's first developers of a truly Exclusive and Unique offer that has no analogue in the World ! 
         At the beginning of 2023, Our Team it was decided to create a new Project to order.

         A robot called:  

        Robot  Cyborg  " T-800 "


Advantages and technical solutions of Robot Cyborg  " T-800 "  :

Custom development
Self-propelled on Traction batteries 
Wired remote control method
Tracked chassis 
Integrated Sex Machines in the amount of 2 pcs.
Movable arms in the vertical plane



      Robot  Cyborg  " T-800 "

This is an exclusive and unique tool for attracting VIPs to your business!


*Development and production time is 8-12 months


     The finished product may not differ significantly, because each BDSM device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


Our partners are:

Strip Clubs
Establishments 18 ++
BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios


*** Photos of the Robot for example are taken from the Website “K...nk" and from the archive of the well-known ph studio USA ** Not a friendly country


We develop and produce Unique equipment for the sex industry!

We are waiting for you to shop!

Sincerely, the Project Manager !