Floor Lamp "Zigzag"

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Floor Lamp "Zigzag"

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Exclusive Performance from FuckingMachines.ru !


Advantage :

The lamp is made of a welded metal frame
The lamp uses an exclusive Edison Lamp
The power cord is made in retro style (braided)
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting







 The floor lamp "Zigzag" is a positioning object in the interior of true connoisseurs of loft style and design.

 This is an exclusive performance from FuckingMachines.ru which will beautify your life and update the atmosphere of the house.

 Designed specifically for people who want to create a unique and inimitable design in their home, this lamp will not leave you indifferent.

 The lamp is made of a welded metal frame, which gives it not only strength and reliability, but also exclusivity.

 The intense light from the Edison lamp creates a wonderful atmosphere and disposes to rest and relaxation.

 Moreover, light becomes a decorative element that can skillfully emphasize the features of any interior.

The Zigzag lamp also offers an exclusive Edison lamp, which is the hallmark of this model.

The lamp is optimally combined with the design of the lamp, which inevitably attracts the eyes of guests.

This lamp creates an interesting light pattern and attracts attention with its unusual shape and decor.

 Unlike many lamps, where the power cord is made in a modern style, "Zigzag" originates from the retro era and is made in a braided style. The cord brings the air of old times and is the main decorative element of the lamp.

 It passes through the leg of the lamp and creates a completely unique image, adding an unusual and lamp-like appearance to this floor lamp.

 If you want to transform your home and create a unique loft style, then the Zigzag lamp is the best choice.


 It is an ideal solution for those who appreciate quality, design and style.


 Be sure that with this lamp your house will look unusual and atmospheric, and guests will be delighted with its unusual shape and unusual decor.





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