Floor Lamp "Restrict"

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Floor Lamp "Restrict"


Exclusive Performance from FuckingMachines.ru !


Advantage :

The lamp is made of a welded metal frame
The lamp uses an exclusive Edison Lamp
The power cord is made in retro style (braided)
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting


 * The finished product may not differ significantly because each item of the interior from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible! 




 Lighting is one of the main attributes in interior design.

 Often, it not only serves as a light source, but is also an integral part of the cozy atmosphere in the home or office.

 If you want to create a unique image of your space - pay attention to our floor lamp "Restrict".

 This loft-style lamp will bring a special charm and comfort to your room.

 The creation of "Restrict" was based on the ideas of minimalism and simplicity.


 The lamp is made of a welded metal frame, which is given a unique look by an industrial coating made in a special style.

 Our lamp is equipped with an exclusive Edison lamp, which will emphasize the originality of your interior and allow you to enjoy bright and warm light.

 But the "Restrict" lamp is not only high-quality materials and high quality of manufacture.

 This lamp has convenience in use and functionality.

 You can buy a loft lamp "Restrict" today in our store On the sofa FuckingMachines.ru


 We are sure that this lamp will be an ideal solution for those who appreciate uniqueness and comfort in their home.

  And to order a lamp from us means to get high quality and reliability that will not leave you indifferent.


 You will have the opportunity to perfectly complement your room, creating a unique atmosphere and comfort in it.




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