BDSM Cage "Cuts"

buy an unusual bdsm cage

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BDSM Cage "Cuts"

buy order an unusual bdsm cage



  Cages occupy a special place among fans of BDSM games.

  In order to create an atmosphere of complete subordination and control over the partner, it is necessary to ensure his safety and convenience.

   Of course, you can buy a finished product, but it does not always meet the requirements.

   That is why many people choose and buy BDSM cages made and made to order,

  It is proved that the first BDSM cage model was made in the USA back in the early 1900s.    The original product was barred, had a roof and was essentially a working cage for animals.   Since then, the cage has undergone many changes and upgrades and has developed into a special direction and a special sub-culture of BDSM.

 One of the most popular materials for creating BDSM cages is metal.

 This is due to its strength, the ability to create quite complex structures and a bright, stylish appearance, which can be emphasized by applying a variety of decorative elements, drawings, engravings and other decorations.

 In addition to standard models, there are BDSM cages that are made individually, taking into account the characteristics of the customer. This allows you to create a unique design and meet all exceptional requirements.

  To create custom-made BDSM cages only high-quality materials are used, which guarantees the durability and reliability of the product.

  Stylish, sophisticated bdsm cell models and an individual approach to each client allow you to create the most comfortable and convenient device for bdsm sessions.

  One of the main features of metal BDSM cages is their mobility. The ability to fold and install the device in any bdsm location - all this allows you to conveniently transport and use a bdsm cage.

  In addition, a BDSM cage can have various additional options, including fasteners, doors with locks, windows and other elements that improve functionality and increase the convenience of its use.

  A metal BDSM cage is not just a means for entertainment, it is a real work of art that can decorate any bdsm room and give originality, a special atmosphere in a bdsm location.

  Moreover, it is one of the most popular means to realize various sexual fantasies and desires of passion.

  WE Design and Manufacture individual BDSM cages, bdsm furniture made of metal and different types of wood.

  Such products are ordered by BDSM lovers who want to enjoy this intimate procedure at home or as an exclusive gift!

  Therefore, if you want to create a unique interior design and provide maximum comfort during BDSM games and BDSM Sessions with your partner, contact professionals and order a metal BDSM cage to order.

  It will not necessarily become not only a wonderful device for various bdsm entertainment, but also decorate your bdsm studio with its aesthetic and stylish appearance.

  BDSM cages under the order from - this is the production and manufacture of exclusive models made to order !


    *The finished product may not differ significantly!

because every bdsm device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


Advantages :

Made of metal
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting !
At the request of the customer, you can leave the natural color of the metal with a little rust For the Entourage ! 
Stable, powerful, massive, convenient thoughtful design
Quickly Collapsible design
Thought out to the smallest detail
Convenient to use !
A ready- made Solution for your Location !

Weight about 95 kg


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