Trellis "Nakazanie"

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BDSM Trellis “Nakazaniye" - A bandage for a Bandage!

buy a unique bdsm device for fixation and spanking


Exclusive Performance from !


Advantages :

This device is made in the form of a lattice - this gives a lot of options for a bandage !
Made of metal
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting !
At the request of the customer, you can leave the natural color of the metal with a little rust For the Entourage ! 
Type of mounting vertically to the wall !
This device comes complete with chains and carabiners !
Thoughtful design convenient to use!
A ready- made Solution for your Location !

    Weight about 98 kg


   * The finished product may not differ significantly !

because every bdsm device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !



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BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
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Do you dream of experiencing strong sensations and new emotions? Do you want to give your intimate life a new level and an additional pleasant piquant mood? Then we are happy to present you the BDSM "Nakazaniye" trellis – a unique bdsm device for fixation and spanking!

This product is not just another tool for bdsm games, it is something more. The BDSM "Nakazaniye" trellis is designed so that fluctuations during use give maximum pleasure, free from the mundane and make you feel like a real macho or a beautiful mistress.

The BDSM "Nakazaniye" trellis is made of high-quality materials that will not leave scars or other traces on your skin. The device is easily adjustable and adapts to any size and shape of the body, which allows you to achieve maximum comfort when using. The ease of use and reliability of this device will make your bdsm game even more exciting.

To buy a BDSM "Nakazaniye" trellis means to feel yourself on top of bliss and get an unforgettable experience. This product will give you a powerful charge of emotions and an impetus to new experiences in sexual life. Be careful, you will never want to part with this trellis!

Do not miss the opportunity to buy a unique bdsm device for fixing and spanking our wonderful BDSM trellis "Nakazaniye"! Discover new facets of your intimate life and experience a powerful charge of emotions with this stylish and high-quality device. You will definitely not regret your choice!