Cross for BDSM "Mad-Dog" for spanking and shibari

buy cross bdsm for spanking and shibari

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Cross for BDSM "Mad-Dor" for spanking and shibari


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  Cross for BDSM "Mad-Dor" is a unique and innovative device, specially designed to meet your needs in spanking and shibari.

  It combines high quality, comfort and functionality to provide you with an unforgettable BDSM session.


  Advantages of "Mad-Dor":

 Soft pillows made of wear-resistant artificial leather: 
 Each detail of the cross has soft pillows made of high-quality wear-resistant artificial leather, which provide comfort during use.
 Special hooks for fixing the handcuffs that provide a strong and secure fastening of the handcuffs, allowing you to fully control the movements of your partner.
 Made of wood: This cross is made of high-quality wood, ensuring durability and reliability. It is not only functional, but also an elegant addition to your location.
 BDSM Cross "Mad-Dor" comes with chains, which gives you more options and variations during bdsm play.
 Vertical Wall Mounting capability: This cross is easily mounted vertically on the wall, providing stability and safety during use.
 Powerful, massive, thoughtful design: The Mad-Dor cross has a powerful and massive structure that guarantees its durability and strength. 
 Every detail is thought out in order to ensure safety and comfort during operation.

Weight about 45 kg


"Mad-Dor" is a ready-made solution for your location, offering comfort, reliability and the opportunity to turn all your fantasies into reality.

Let yourself enjoy the highlights !


     *The finished product may not differ significantly, because each BDSM device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


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