Sex Machine "for WeBCAM"

buy a compact sex machine for pennies

$ 875 Под заказ / В наличии

Sex Machine "for WeB CAM"


 Our own development has no analogues in Russia.

 Developed by the Fuckingmachines team specifically for BDSM Hotels and Sex Parties.


*By Pre-Order

*At an affordable price Only when buying additional other equipment in our showroom  

for a total amount of 250,000 thousand rubles


Advantages :

1 sex machine
Remote control for adjusting the frequency of penetration.
The penetration rate is about 240 per minute.
Quick-collapsible design.
High-quality Wear-resistant painting
Made of metal
A ready- made Solution for your Location !


Weight about 9 kg


The finished product may not differ significantly, because every BDSM device from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!


Our partners are:

BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios
We develop and manufacture Unique equipment for the Cupcake Industry!


We are waiting for you to shop!

Sincerely, the Project Manager !








  Have you ever wanted to buy a sex machine, but were afraid that it would be too bulky?

  The new compact Sex Machine "for WeB CAM" is exactly what you need!

  It is not only compact, but also has many advantages that are needed to fully satisfy the sexual needs of your online viewers.

  This sex machine is equipped with a remote control for adjusting the frequency of penetration, which allows you to enjoy the sexual experience at any pace that you like.

  The average penetration rate is about 240 per minute, which is optimal for the needs of most people.

  But the most important thing that makes this car the best on the market is its quick-collapsible design.

  If you have limited space or if you move frequently, then buying a sex machine may seem like an impossible task.

  But now by buying a sex machine "for WeB CAM" you can enjoy a sexual experience always and everywhere.

  High-quality wear-resistant painting makes the machine reliable and durable.

  Made of metal, this machine is very durable and does not creak even with high intensity of use.

  We understand that each person has different needs and preferences, so the Sex Machine "for WeB CAM" is a ready-made solution that is suitable for any location.

  It will satisfy any of your desires and will be the perfect addition to your personal collection of sex toys.

  You will no longer have to choose between quality and convenience.

  Sex Machine "for WeB CAM" has everything you need to fully satisfy your sexual needs.

  Order now and get the best sex experience you've ever had!