FuckingMachines "Crezy Menu"


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N O V And N K A !!!

Buy A Sex Machine "Crezy-Menu"

Developed by the team FuckingMachines.ru !


Specially developed by specialists FuckingMachines.ru for:

Use in PRIVAT Rooms of “Crezy Menu” Strip Clubs and other Establishments 18++

Advantages :

Exclusive Performance from FuckingMachines.ru !
The powerful Sex Machine has a remote control and about 360 penetrations per minute!
With the Remote control in your hands, you adjust the frequency of penetrations yourself!
At the same time, up to 2 girls can sit on a Sex Machine to stage an unforgettable Show in your Club!
Comfortable soft pillows made of high-quality wear-resistant fabric.Skin
A lot of adjustments for the comfortable location of the girl
High-quality Wear-resistant Thermal painting
Stable construction
Made of metal
Powerful, massive, thoughtful design
A ready-made Solution for your Location from the Company FuckingMachines.ru !

Weight about 55 kg


     The finished product may not differ significantly, because every BDSM device from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!


Our partners are:

Strip Clubs
BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios


We develop and produce Unique equipment for the Sex Industry!


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    Then the "Crezy Menu" Sex Machine is what you need! Developed by a team of professionals from FuckingMachines.ru , this machine is designed specifically for use in PRIVAT rooms, Striptease clubs and other 18++ establishments.

   LoveMachines "Crezy Menu" is not just a sex toy, it is a real powerful machine to satisfy your innermost fantasies.

  With its help, you will be able to experience an incredible orgasm and enjoy every moment of intimacy.

  The car is equipped with a special motor that allows you to adjust the speed and intensity of movement.

  You can choose any pose and adjust the machine to the intensity of penetration.

  In addition, the "Crezy Menu" has a convenient remote control that allows you to control all the parameters of the machine.

  The "Crezy Menu" sex machine has already become a real sensation among fans of extreme sex.

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