Cage Strip Dance "Burlesque"

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Cage Strip Dens "Burlesque"


  The Strip Dens Burlesque cage is an ideal choice for those who want to add a little imagination and originality to their 18+ Establishment

  Exclusive design, excellent quality and unique style are all you need to create an unforgettable show in a club or on stage.

  The cage is made of durable materials so that you can be sure of its reliability and safety during the performance.

  The interesting shape and light shine of the material create a mysterious and attractive atmosphere that will capture the attention of the audience.

  The cage has high mobility and is easy to carry, which makes it an ideal choice for organizers of outdoor parties for adults 18+

   Order a Strip Dens Burlesque Cage and create a show that no one will forget!


Method of installation on a horizontal surface or suspended by means of anchor system chains
An anchor fastening system for hanging the cage is included in the kit
Chains are also included in the delivery package


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BDSM hotels
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Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios


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Strip Dens Burlesque Cage: Exclusivity and functionality for your club

Striptease cages are an integral part of every PUB club, where every day girls show their talents in dance numbers. If you are looking for an exclusive and functional cage that will attract the attention of customers and emphasize the individuality of your institution, then this article is for you. We present you a unique Cage Strip Dens "Burlesque", which combines quality and design to meet all the needs of your club.

Description of the Strip Dens "Burlesque" Cage

This cage has an unusual design that allows each client to feel inside a small dramatic production. There is a torch on the top of the cage, which highlights the dancer's face and creates a special atmosphere around. Below is a pole pole, which is equipped with special handles made of durable and reliable material. This allows the girls to perform various tricks in a safe environment and not cause any injuries.

One of the main advantages of the Strip Dens "Burlesque" Cage is its size, which allows you to place it anywhere in your club. The cage is made of metal, powder coating allows for many years of use not to worry about rust or other damage. The cage is easily assembled and disassembled, which allows it to be quickly moved around your establishment and create new interior compositions.

Why You Should Buy a Strip Dens "Burlesque" Cage

The Strip Dens Burlesque cage is a great option for you if you are looking for an exclusive cage for your club. It will attract the attention of the public, as well as create an atmosphere of uniqueness and individuality of your institution. It is an excellent choice for those club owners who are looking for something mysterious, original and unusual in their institution.

How to order a Cage Strip Dens "Burlesque"

You can order our cage right now by placing an order on the website, using the specified contacts, or by writing to us by e-mail. We are always happy to welcome our customers and are ready to offer a comprehensive and individual solution for your establishment.


The Strip Dens Burlesque cage is not only functional for a striptease hall, but also an interior self-sufficient composition that will become an exclusive decoration of your club. It combines high quality and stylish design and allows your customers to enjoy the real art of striptease. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase the brightest and most unusual cage for striptease – Strip Dens "Burlesque".