Cage for Strip Dance

equipping private areas in strip clubs

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Cage for Strip Dens


  Strip Dens Cage is a unique embodiment of style, elegance and exoticism, designed to maximize the individuality and charisma of each stripper.

  This is an incredibly attractive and refined combination of metal construction in the shape of a capsule and transparent walls that create a spectacular and exciting 3D effect.

  Strip Dens Cage is able to transform any performance into an unforgettable event, creating a unique and truly epic atmosphere.

  Thanks to the spectacular lighting, the runway Strip Dens Cage creates an incredible lighting effect, which additionally emphasizes attention to every detail of the performance.

  Discover your audacity, energy and passion, and leave an unforgettable impression with Strip Dens Cage.

made of metal
Method of installation horizontally on the floor


Our partners are:

BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios
Wanking salons
Men's Clubs 18+


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The cage for Strip Dens is equipped with everything necessary for an ideal performance: mounts for dancing poles, ventilation, acoustic system and lighting, which allow you to create an appropriate mood and emphasize all the brightest and most beautiful sides of the performing stripper. In particular, the backlight is equipped with LED lamps, which add additional brightness and effect, and also allow you to play on contrasts and create various interesting effects.

The Strip Dens cage was designed specifically for strippers: it allows you to emphasize all the best qualities of a dancer and provides complete freedom for self-expression and creativity. The collection of cages for Strip Dens includes several models that vary in size, shape and design, which allows you to choose the ideal option for a particular strip club.

One of the main features of the cage for Strip Dens is its simplicity and ease of use: it is lightweight, mobile and easy to assemble. This allows you to quickly and easily transfer the cage between different performance venues and quickly install it.

Ordering a cage for Strip Dens, you get not only high-quality equipment, but also a comprehensive service: from consultation on the choice to warranty service. In addition, we are ready to offer an individual solution for your strip club based on your needs and desires.


The cage for Strip Dens is just a must-have for any strip club that wants to take its performances to a new level.


It allows you to create a unique spectacle, attract new visitors and increase the profitability of the club.

If you want to surprise your customers and make a real show, then order a cage for Strip Dens right now!