Cage Strip CLUB "Led"

buy for a striptease club or a bdsm hotel

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Cage Strip CLUB "Podium-Led"


  A catwalk cage for a striptease club or a stroking salon with spectacular lighting is a chic and fashionable accessory that adds elegance and extravagance to any performance 18+

  The podium cage consists of a metal structure in the shape of an octagon, located on a high platform, and transparent walls of frosted glass, which create an exciting 3D effect.

  Thanks to its compactness and stylish design, this podium will be able to decorate any club and attract the attention of visitors.

  A nice bonus is the spectacular lighting, which adds an endless amount of bright and colorful colors to an unforgettable Strip Private performance.

  All this together creates a unique and dynamic video series and adds beauty and sophistication to any spectacle on this podium.


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Are you looking for a real catwalk cage show to attract attention to your strip club or bdsm hotel?

Or maybe you want to create an intriguing atmosphere with dynamic lighting?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then the cage Strip CLUB "Podium-Led" is the perfect solution for you.

This cage is not only a charming element that will attract the attention of all the guests of your event, but also a unique element of the environment that will add additional character and style to the entire space. Light ribbons inside the cage allow you to create colorful effects, creating a special atmosphere.

Strip CLUB "Podium-Led" is an ideal cage for those who want additional lighting in your own space. The light strips inside the cage are available in many different colors and options, allowing you to choose exactly the one that best suits your style.

In addition, this cage is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has a variety of holders that ensure reliable fixation of dimensions with other cells, while not taking up much space. This allows you to safely use it at various events and move it around the public space.

So, if you are looking for an attractive, but not pretentious piece of furniture for your strip club or bdsm hotel, the cage Strip CLUB "Podium-Led" is the choice you need.

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