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   When we talk about neon signs, we usually present colorful images, words or phrases that attract the attention of people on the street.

  One of the most popular options is the neon sign Elegant "thongs".

  Thongs are a type of women's underwear that has become especially popular in recent years.

  It differs from other types of underwear in that it leaves most of the buttocks and thighs open, thus creating a sexy and attractive image.

  The neon sign "thongs" can be used as an advertisement for a lingerie store, beauty salon, photography studio or other business related to beauty and fashion.

 Such a sign can have different colors and designs to attract the attention of passers-by and interest them in products or services offered by the business.

  In addition, the neon sign "thongs" can be used to create an erotic atmosphere in bars, clubs and other entertainment industry establishments.

  This can be one of the design elements that will help attract visitors and create a unique atmosphere.

  Despite the fact that the word "thong" is associated with sexuality and seductiveness, it is important to remember that we must respect and respect the boundaries of other people.

  Everything should be within the framework of respect for yourself and other people.

 Neon sign "thongs" can be used in various fields of business and entertainment to attract the attention of customers and create a unique atmosphere.


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