The Girl with the Cigar

for strip clubs 18+

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*The cost depends on the size

    Neon signs are not only bright and beautiful design elements for a bdsm hotel, strip club, but also a powerful visual marketing tool.

    If you want to attract the attention of your target audience, then a neon sign with a picture of a girl holding a cigar in her hands may be an interesting option for your business.

   Such a sign will be especially appropriate if your institution is dedicated to the topic of cigar smoking.

   It will help to emphasize the concept of your business and attract the attention of the target audience.

   In addition, neon signs work well in the conditions of night establishments and street trade, because they glow brightly and are visible for a long distance.

   However, when buying, it must be borne in mind that the image of a girl with a cigar may contain a hint of violence, discrimination or other unacceptable elements.

   Therefore, before ordering a neon sign, you need to make sure that it meets the ethical and moral standards in your 18+ institution.

   In addition, it is necessary to take into account the light brightness and color scheme of the sign so that it does not look too bright or vice versa, too faded.

  The quality of materials and execution must also be high so that the neon sign serves for a long time and does not lose its brightness over time.

  In conclusion, a neon sign with the image of a girl holding a cigar in her hands can become a beautiful and bright design element of your establishment.

 It will draw attention to your business and emphasize its subject matter.

 The main thing is not to forget about ethical and moral standards, as well as the quality of execution, so that the neon sign becomes a decoration of your interior for many years.


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