BDSM rack for spanking

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BDSM spanking rack “SHIB”


 How did you catch up with our project offers an exclusive fixation performance for BDSM games with a number of advantages and convenience of use,

  such as fixing hands and feet,

  emphasis for a comfortable location,

  compact quick-disassembly design,

  multiple adjustments for different height of people and high-quality thermal wear-resistant painting.

  We also remind you,

 that our partners are BDSM hotels, red rooms of private persons, sex parties, webcam studios and porn studios.

  We remind you that BDSM equipment is intended only for use in the sex industry and is designed and manufactured entirely by hand.

  We would like to note that all activities related to sex and BDSM should be based on the consent of all participants, comply with relevant laws and ethical standards, and respect the rights and safety of all participants.

  If you suddenly have a desire to purchase or buy our bdsm equipment or bdsm devices, we recommend that you carefully study all aspects of its use, familiarize yourself with the safety rules and make sure that it will be used with the consent and safety of all participants.