Carriage "Spicy-Tickling"

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BDSM Carriage "Spicy-Tickling"


For those who are Not averse To Tickling their Nerves !


Exclusive Performance from !


Advantages :

The device is made in the form of a frame-table, which gives a lot of options for thrills!
Soft pillow for comfortable placement
The pillow is made of high-quality wear-resistant fabric.Skin
The carriage is made of metal
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting !
At the request of the customer , you can leave the natural color of the metal with a little rust For the Entourage ! 
Floor version !
Compact height for convenient storage under the bed 
The thoughtful design is convenient to use!
A ready- made Solution for your Location !

Weight about 40 kg


The finished product may not differ significantly !

because every bdsm device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


Our partners are:

BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios


Hold a domestic Manufacturer !


We produce Unique equipment for the sex industry!


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