BDSM Cage "CareZZa"

make yourself a gift, a bdsm cage

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BDSM Cage "KareZZa" + BDSM Cross !

make yourself a gift, buy a bdsm cage


Exclusive Performance from !


Advantages :

BDSM Cage + BDSM Cross is included in the package!
Made of metal!
The cross is made of Wood !
Has a door
High-quality wear-resistant thermal painting !
At the request of the customer, you can leave the natural color of the metal with a little rust For the Entourage ! 
Powerful, massive, convenient thoughtful design
Thoughtful and easy to use!
Collapsible construction!
A ready- made Solution for your Location !

Weight about 165 kg


     * The finished product may not differ significantly !

because every bdsm device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


Our partners are:

BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Cupcake Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios



We produce Unique equipment for the sex industry!


Hold a domestic Manufacturer !


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Make yourself a gift, buy a BDSM cage "KareZZa" together with a BDSM cross! They look amazing together and will be the perfect addition to your BDSM-style games.

BDSM cage "KareZZa" is a unique item that can be used as furniture. The cage is made of high quality metal and has a stable construction. It is strong enough to withstand your extreme games. The cage consists of several separate parts, which makes it easy to assemble and convenient to store.

BDSM cross, in turn, is a classic element of attributes in the style of BDSM. The cross is made of steel and has a stable structure. The package contains a plug for ease of use if the cross is not used.

Both elements are included in the package and can be used both together and separately from each other. The cage will be an ideal place to enclose your partner or partner in it, and the cross will be an ideal addition to it to set more stringent conditions.

Having bought a BDSM cage "KareZZa" together with a BDSM cross, you will receive not only two high-quality elements of attributes, but also the opportunity to reveal your hidden fantasies together with your partners. No more waiting, buy and live your BDSM dreams!