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BDSM Bed Two Two-level!


buy a bed for bdsm games


Exclusive Bed from    


Advantages :


2-Floors (at the bottom of the cage is a couch)
Spectacular execution of Neck and arm Fixation
(it can be used both inside and outside the bed)
There are hooks around the perimeter of the bed for additional fixation of several people !
Collapsible construction !
The set includes a mattress 
Color Black 
(Other colors As an additional OPTION )
High-quality thermal wear-resistant painting

  Weight about 370 kg


 * The finished product may not differ significantly

because every bdsm device from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!


This BDSM Bed is designed for ..

BDSM Hotels
Sex Parties
WebCam studios
Photo studios
And also for home use.


We produce Unique equipment for the Sex Industry!


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In the modern world, more and more people are discovering new facets of pleasure and experimentation in sex. One of the most popular and unusual ways to satisfy your sexual fantasies is BDSM games. And here it is very important to choose high-quality furniture that will help create the necessary atmosphere and ensure the safety of participants.

One of the best offers for BDSM games is the BDSM bed "MOBY". This bed not only looks spectacular, but also has a number of advantages that make it an ideal choice for connoisseurs of BDSM experiments at the highest level.

The MOBY bed is a two–level structure that allows you to create various scenes for BDSM games. The upper tier of the bed can be used for shibari, fetish or bdsm games, and the lower one for comfortable sex and relaxation.

One of the main advantages of the MOBY bed is its design. The bed is made of high-quality metal with a black matte finish, which creates the effect of a modern and stylish interior. The large area of the bed allows you to move freely and conduct a variety of sexual games.

In addition, the "MOBY" bed is made taking into account the maximum safety of participants in BDSM games. The strong metal frame provides stability and readiness to take any loads, and the soft, tight-fitting elements of the bed create comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation.

The BDSM bed "MOBY" is the best choice for those who are looking for high-quality and safe furniture for BDSM games. Do not doubt - the MOBY bed will exceed all your expectations and take you to the world of pleasure and entertainment to a new level. Please your partner and take a step forward in exploring your fantasies!