a bed in a light bdsm style

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BDSM Bed with Storage System !


buy a bdsm bed in a light bdsm style


This Exclusive Bed from It has ......


2-Floors (storage system at the bottom)
Neck and arm fixation
(it can be used both inside and outside the bed)
There are hooks around the perimeter of the bed for additional fixation !
Collapsible construction !
Color Black 
(Other colors As an additional OPTION )
High-quality thermal wear-resistant painting
A ready- made Solution for your Location !

Weight about 370 kg


 * The finished product may not differ significantly

because every bdsm device from FuckingMachines is handmade and exact repetition is impossible!


This BDSM Bed is designed for ..

BDSM Hotels
Sex Parties
WebCam studios
Photo studios
And also for home use.



We produce Unique equipment for the Sex Industry!


We are waiting for you to shop Sincerely Project Manager !








Are you ready to plunge into the fantasy world and fulfill your most hidden desires? Then you probably need a new bed, and we can offer you a real find - the BROOKLYN-LOW BDSM bed.

This bed was created especially for lovers of light BDSM style. It is made in a simple and elegant design that makes it easy to fit into any interior, and the low height provides the best comfort in use.

The peculiarity of this bed is that it has special fasteners that allow you to fix your partner's neck and arms. This opens up a lot of new opportunities for experimentation and allows you to achieve new levels of pleasure.

Safety of use is always our priority, and therefore the BROOKLYN-LOW bed has passed all the necessary tests for strength and stability. This product is made of high quality materials, which guarantees long and safe use.

Take the first step to new sensations and buy a BROOKLYN-LOW BDSM bed right now. We are sure that this will be the best purchase for your bedroom and will allow you to enjoy a unique experience of intimacy. Order a bed right now and enjoy it today!