Shackles-Shackles "UnLoading"

chain up your bdsm slave

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BDSM Shackles-Shackles " UnLoading "

buy bdsm shackles shackles for role-playing games


Exclusive Performance from !


Advantages :

The shackles are executed in metal !
They are connected to each other by a chain 
Wear-resistant Thermal painting
At the customer's choice, the color is black or the natural color of the metal covered with a transparent varnish (for the entourage!)
A Ready- made solution For Your Location !  


Total weight about 6 kg


*The finished product may not differ significantly, because each BDSM device from this is handmade and exact repetition is impossible !


Our partners are:

BDSM hotels
Red rooms for private persons
Sex Parties
WebCam Studios
Porn Studios


We develop and produce Unique equipment for the sex industry!

We are waiting for you to shop!

Sincerely, the Project Manager !








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 "UnLoading" is a ready-made solution for your location. You can use shackles and shackles both at home and in specialized BDSM fan clubs. They are convenient to use in various poses and positions, so that the session will bring maximum comfort and pleasure.

 The production of "UnLoading" is carried out using high-quality materials, which ensures the strength and durability of the shackles. The design of the shackles allows you to achieve an optimal range of movements, which contributes to an innovative level of comfort and quality.

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