The Electric Chair !

do you like electricity? then you come to us for an exclusive device

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do you like electricity? then you come to us for an exclusive device!


Buy an electric chair


Exclusive Performance from !



Development and Production of an Electric Chair !

A unique thing !


*** SAFE Medical Electricity is used in the chair !!


The cost of development starts from 289,000 tons. rub and depends on the complexity of the project


BECOME the FIRST Owner of an Electric Chair in RUSSIA and in the World !!




 Development and production of an Exclusive Electric Chair for BDSM games and practices

 The sex industry has enormous freedom in choosing and using a variety of games and practices.

 One of the unusual and popular options is the choice of BDSM games and practices.

 In this direction, the electric chair is an excellent invention that promotes a great mood with its safe functions.

 The production of this chair is a responsible business and requires certain knowledge and approach to development and creation!

However, The Russian Manufacturer Of Unique Exclusive Devices .did not miss this opportunity in the production of a unique Electric Chair for BDSM games and practices.

 At the heart of the development is a technology that uses a Safe Medical Voltage to provide a safe game for the entire time.

 This means that at the maximum level of enjoyment, users can relax and enjoy the game process with excellent electrical impulses without worrying about their health.

 Unique equipment, created with the help of high-quality materials and with all my heart.

 The chair, designed in the stylistic direction of BDSM, guarantees a high degree of comfort and convenience for the game process.

 Thanks to this, users will be able to enjoy the process at full capacity, and be completely safe!

 Trust us and get an unforgettable new experience.

 An exclusive electric chair is what you need to overcome yourself and get fantastic enjoyment during games.

 It is easy, fast and simple to buy and order such an electric chair.

 Contact us and we guarantee that you will get a truly Exclusive Device!



** ATTENTION !! When Using, Observe Safety Precautions!


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